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 my SwanSong - How it works?

my SwanSong is affordable, safe, secure and really easy to use, and follows seven (7) easy steps to register, join and manage all your end-of-life affairs, outline your funeral and medical wishes, record and send messages to your loved ones and much, much more.  So, sign up today and make sure your loved ones are protected when you are gone.


Stage 2: Upgrade To Full Membership

Upgrade for just £1 (a saving of £128 on our normal membership fee) and enjoy full and unrestricted access to manage your affairs on your personal my SwanSong Dashboard.

Stage 3: Nominate your Trusted Verifiers

Follow our simple, secure Trusted Verifier process to nominate your closest family and friends who you wish and trust to manage your affairs and protect your legacy.

Stage 4: Manage Your Information

Manage and update all your affairs, free for eternity.

Stage 5: Relax

Enjoy your life, safe in the knowledge you have protected your loved ones and declared your wishes.  Enjoy special partner offers and refer your friends too.

Stage 6: Peace of Mind

When the time comes, your Trusted Verifiers will advise us of your passing. Our team will carry out the necessary actions as you advised, to make sure your wishes are carried out fully and your legacy protected.


Stage 7 : Your Legacy

my SwanSong will provide a lovely Memorial Page (if you wish) to allow your loved ones to share memories, and remember you in a sensitive and loving space.


Why use my SwanSong?


We give you control

With 15 differing sections, my SwanSong provides our Customers with a range of topics to complete, all designed to provide peace of mind for your loved ones when you pass away.


Beautiful memorial page

Allowing you to choose the design and format, my SwanSong will help to keep your memory alive, with a bespoke memorial page, allowing you to upload the information you want your loved ones to remember you with, and provide a reflective space for comments and stories once you have passed away.


Easy, convenient and safe

With our user-friendly templates, all the information held within our secure site will be available for you to use, review and amend fully, free from any additional charges. Making it an affordable and convenient way of setting out your wishes.


We help you Prepare

Plan – your funeral and medical wishes within your secure and protected portal
Record – your messages, videos and personal circumstances, to make things easier for your loved ones
Engage – your Trusted Verifiers, to make sure they maintain your wishes and protect your legacy
Preview – your drafted Memorial Page and the outputs from my SwanSong upon your passing
Amend – review and update all your content for free throughout
Recruit – your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours and take advantage of great benefits and rewards
Enjoy – Life! After all, we all only die once but we live every single day


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