As with any progressive organisation, my SwanSong relies extensively on all feedback to develop and learn from the FAQs which form a key part of this continual improvement drive.  Below is a non-exhaustive list of our FAQs, which will be updated and amended to provide a relevant list of topics and answers to common issues throughout.

Work on developing my SwanSong commenced in February 2019, and a considerable amount of time was spent researching and holding discussions with potential customers and professionals, across a wide-range of locations, roles and sectors. The price per membership was set at £129, where the overriding consensus and feedback was this represented excellent value for the scope of services provided to all our customers.

As we were about to launch, a year later, our world changed in an instant due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

It was always the intention for my SwanSong to not only provide a unique, trusted and secure service to our customers, but our business model aimed to provide back to both local and national communities and good causes as the business grew and prospered. With the sudden change in our world, this has now come even more to the fore. Our focus is for everyone to have a membership, in order to protect their loved ones, and this current situation has allowed us to make the significant change to reduce the membership price right down to just £1, which at these uncertain times, we hope will not put any added financial stress on our customers, but provide a little peace of mind and comfort in the process.

With our membership at just £1, this will hopefully provide for ease of access to our full range of services for everyone. So, for all new customers signing up now and through to 31st August 2020, the £1 membership will last for one full calendar year from commencement of your membership, and those customers will be able to renew every year for the same small fee each year. This will not be ‘auto-renewed’, we will contact you to see if you wish to continue your membership, and to enjoy the range of services we provide, which will also include some exciting new pages we are working on, adding further value. After this date, we will review the situation and our memberships and may revert back to our full pricing of £129 as a single one-off lifetime payment. We will monitor the situation as it progresses, but we have made this

As we are making this change so soon after we launched, we are also going to refund the difference in their membership fees paid to all our existing customers, which at this difficult time too is a small gesture to help those who have already registered. We feel this is wholly the right thing to do.

We truly believe this will be the best £1 you will ever spend, so please tell your friends, your family, your neighbours and colleagues, find us on Facebook and share our page and post, and allow them the same peace of mind also. Why not ‘BUY ONE & GIFT ONE’ to a loved one – see our FAQ to read our gifting process.

None of us know what is in front of us, but what we do know is that our immediate future is going to be challenging, so we hope this gesture helps.

Thank you for reading this FAQ, and we hope it has proved useful and informative, and we look forward to welcoming you to my SwanSong.

my SwanSong holds all our Member’s personal data within a highly secure Data Centre(DC).  This DC complies with all industry regulations and holds valid accreditations to ensure that your data is held on highly secure servers, and critically backed up twice-daily, to ensure that in the unlikely event of any failure, that the latest version of all information can be readily reinstated and available.  The servers are fully maintained and reviewed and held on UPS-power back-ups, so all possible steps are taken to protect members data  aligned to all relevant regulatory standards.  my SwanSong further validate this by carrying out audits at various intervals on our data to ensure that no breach, virus or misuse has occurred.

Outside of my SwanSong, you are the only person who can access and view your information.  As with any secure portal, please remember to keep your login and password details secure at all times.  Our processes contain a full audit history to ensure you can view your data and actions taken at any time, and in the unlikely event that your security is compromised, we are able to provide you with the last and previous details you have input.  Our staff have been fully trained in data protection requirements and GDPR and understand the importance of keeping data confidential.  All our processes and data security comply with current data protection and data security legislation.

Yes of course.  To maintain our security, we only allow one Membership to be created per email address  So to create a new account for a third party, simply create a Free Registration using a unique email address, entering the details of the third party (name, address, postcode, DOB, contact details etc), and confirm, and then create the full membership using payment method as agreed with the third party.  You can do this as a gift too, so if you would like to gift someone this, simply follow the above process and contact us at info@myswansong.com, providing the member details, and we will post out a Gift Certificate containing the login details and any special messages you would like to the third party (eg Happy Birthday, Happy Christmas etc).  Please make sure you title the email ‘Gift Membership’ and provide the wording for any special messages to be included.

The simple answer is ‘Yes’, but our advice would be to think long and hard about the effect and any consequences of your message.  We work on the principle that any of our Members could die at any time, so on this basis, if you feel that your message might not be appropriate, or you are having second thoughts, then our advice would be, “don’t do it.”  (Our Help Guide provides some useful thoughts around this).  Once it is on our system, remember you have full control to amend or delete it.

You can cancel your Membership fully at any time, by using the Contact Us form and advising of this, no refund or return of payment will be offered.   Your account will be closed and your data deleted fully from the system.   Remember our offering is fully flexible to meet your needs, and you do not have to complete every section and all fields, other than mandatory data for account management purposes.

Your membership allows you free and unrestricted access to your information, so simply log in and amend as often as you wish.

Absolutely not.  my SwanSong will not sell any of your information or pass to any other organisation without your full consent.  However, in order to provide continual value, we will advise of new and varied offers from trusted and verified Partners when they become available.  If you choose to take these up, my SwanSong cannot be held liable or responsible for any data you provide to any such third party.

All members have full and total control over the information and data to be used within your legacy and memorial pages.  Where we invite comments on such pages, naturally my SwanSong cannot control all content, but as we require people to register prior to leaving any comments, we will have control to remove and restrict any comments which are detrimental, hurtful or abusive in any way, once reported or spotted by our vetting team.  my SwanSong want to provide the peace of mind that all memorial pages are respectful and honour your legacy fully without exception.

Once we have received notification from at least one of your Trusted Verifiers, our team will carry out detailed checks to confirm this.  This includes contacting all the remaining Trusted Verifiers (using the contact information provided), and once this is fully confirmed, your details as entered are made available to our team, who will carry out all your instructions and wishes.  This will include the creation of your memorial page on my SwanSong with links to any social media, the sending of all messages and video messages, a full report to your Trusted Verifiers, all of which will respectfully notify your friends and family of your passing.  In maintaining contact with your Trusted Verifiers, once your funeral arrangements are confirmed, we will update your pages also.  On your key anniversary dates – your birthdate and your passing date – we will again update your memorial page, along with any songs you have indicated etc.  We will respectfully keep your wishes and your memory alive.  Prior to your passing, you will have full visibility and control of how this information will look to ensure it fully reflects your wishes and choice.

The role of the Trusted Verifier is a very important one, with two(2) main objectives: Firstly, to notify us of the passing of our Member, which can be either via the automated notification within our website or by email to support@myswansong.com. The second objective is to receive all the relevant information that our Member has specified for you to manage on their passing, with the aim of ensuring that all their final wishes are effectively managed, and their legacy protected. To undertake this role, the Trusted Verifier is required to register their contact details with us, and will also have the option to upgrade to be a Full Member, and therefore enjoy the benefits this offers.

Your information is wholly your property, so you can and should keep reviewing your data regularly to ensure it is still valid.  This includes your Trusted Verifiers.  And remember, it is likely that Trusted Verifiers will be Members also, so you could be both to each other.

my SwanSong will send regular emails/texts to yourself and your Trusted Verifiers to act as a reminder and ensure that the process for advising of any death is available.  We ask for up to five(5), but a minimum of three(3) Trusted Verifiers, to ensure that we have the best chance of being advised of your passing as soon as possible, and the reminders go some way in enforcing this.

my SwanSong fully understand that the area we operate under is a very sensitive one to many people.  We ask all our customers to register to provide that audit trail and detail to make sure that we can undertake the necessary process and governance to ensure our services are not being mis-used. For our customers, the initial registration allows them to access our Memorial Pages and leave comments. The first stage to getting registered is to make full use of the variety of services that my SwanSong allow our customers to be better prepared for their passing and to protect their legacy.

Whilst we have spent a considerable amount of time building the range of services we offer, and will continually review this against the use, timeframes and the ever-changing world we live in to make sure it is relevant.  We are always open to suggestions to improve things, so if you have any ideas, comments, complaints or compliments, please use the Contact Us option and let us know.  my SwanSong will respond to all messages received within five(5) working days.


Feedback is really important to us, so please click below to send us any comments or if you need any help or support