Customer Reviews

Here at my SwanSong, we are wholly committed to obtaining customer feedback throughout, in order to learn and improve where we can, to make sure that we provide the best service possible.

When people think about their funeral wishes and their legacy, our aim is to ensure that ‘my SwanSong’ are their first and only thought, and for all customers to take full advantage of the range of services we provide them.

Below is a selection of some of the comments we have received since launching my SwanSong in the United Kingdom.

Thanks to my SwanSong

I finally feel much more relaxed about my end of life affairs. We are all going to die – that’s a certainty – but with the safe and secure pages offered within a wholly affordable membership, I am fully confident that when my time comes, my family and loved ones will be able to make more informed choices, deal with my affairs effectively and remember me in a sensitive way that will help with the grieving process. Thank you my SwanSong, from the bottom of my heart

- PF, Kent (September 2019)