About my SwanSong

Welcome to my SwanSong!  By landing here you have taken a first and really positive step to managing your personal affairs, instructing your family of your funeral wishes and keeping your memory alive - all within the unique options my SwanSong offer to all our valued customers.


None of us know when we are going to die, in what circumstance or at what age.


Nothing is certain in life, except Death and Taxes


There are in the region of 1,650 deaths in the UK each day

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my SwanSong was established in 2019 to provide a highly unique online platform, allowing all our customers to take control of their funeral wishes, their affairs and personal circumstances.  History tells us that the whole subject of death and the stigma associated with discussing it, is one that often causes distress, anxiety and perhaps even conflict within families and friends.  Disputes over possessions, funeral arrangements and finances are often at the heart of these disagreements.  At a time when feelings are running high, making decisions which aim to reflect the deceased’s wishes and personality are often overridden or bypassed as tensions and emotions take over.  Prior to any death, having those meaningful conversations can be hard, or often do not even take place. This is where my SwanSong will help.

Over more recent times, funerals are now becoming more and more a celebration of an individual’s life rather than a sad, morbid occasion.  Here at my SwanSong, we feel that every funeral should be unique and fully representative of the person who has passed away.  Modern technology is being used more and more, and time-served hymns and popular verse are now being replaced by music and personalised texts created within living memory and are often more representative and reflective of the life being celebrated.

In response to the COVID-19 situation threatening our world, my SwanSong have greatly reduced the cost of membership, from a one-off lifetime payment of £129, to just £1 per membership per year. This offer will last until 31st August 2020 and will be reviewed. All members have access to a comprehensive variety of differing options across our site.  All areas are secure, user-friendly and designed to ensure that on their passing, their affairs and their legacy are managed sensitively and appropriately, within a timely and professional manner that takes away the strain, worry and removes potential for any future disputes.

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As a Member, all our valued customers will have unlimited and unrestricted full access to their data, to review, update and amend at no additional cost, reflecting any changes and wishes that our busy and complex lives dictate.  Whilst this is not a legal Last Will and Testament, to even contemplate maintaining this level of instruction under a Will would involve costly amendments every time, so this really is the way forward in managing all aspects of your changing personal wishes and circumstances.

All data held is maintained and managed within highly secure servers, which are backed up daily to protect the integrity and total auditability of all customer data.  Critically, data held is aligned to all relevant compliant protection regulations, such as GDPR, and no data would ever be sold or made available to any third parties.  The only third-party contact to our customers would be through offers made by our fully vetted affiliated partners, but you can opt out of receiving these if you so wish.

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my SwanSong’s detailed Terms and Conditions outline all key information in relation to your protection and rights, whilst our FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) provide responses to some typical questions we have been asked.

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As an ethical organisation, my SwanSong are wholly committed to aligning ourselves to charitable aims, to working within sustainable and environmentally-friendly processes and outputs, and with supply chain partners with the same commitments and beliefs.  In providing our customers with value for money, we will partner with organisations which sit alongside my SwanSong in our outlook and offer, and this will develop and grow with time.  All our existing customers will be respectfully cherished and rewarded and treated equally – there will be no ‘new customers only’ approach! my SwanSong will, over time, aim to provide as much value for money to all our customers, and once registered, we will strive to continually review our partnership offers from vetted, trusted organisations who will provide special offers to my SwanSong customers.

To close, we hope you find our service useful, and if you have any comment, compliments or complaints, please use the Contact Us page to send us your thoughts, and we guarantee to respond to all correspondence received within five(5) full working days.

Many thanks – live, laugh and prosper and enjoy your life!


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